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Little Lodge 70 S / 5,88 m x 5,81 m / ~ 33 m² + 20 m² / 70 mm

two-storey original building that exceeds 50 m² in its total floor area, within a 70 mm thick timber house.
Be it a guesthouse or a workshop, this lodge is made for days and nights alike, all year-round. And this is our S-model only!

The autumn is here, and the leaves are already yours to rake every week. Each gentle raking you make clears the grass and frees a bit more space for your imagination. At the end of the day, as you scan with satisfaction the result of your hard work, a nice spot seems to make out over there. You have been considering brightening up your garden for a few seasons now, and today just looks like this is it. The spot is there, and it could definitely use that lodge you have been thinking of at regular occasions.

Lodge 70

This lodge isn’t as small as its S-size tag might let you think. This two-storey building exceeds indeed 50 m² in total floor area. Which we believe is already enough for a small family to spend some free time together, days and nights alike.
Nights? That’s right. The upper floor offers you 20 m² of wooden floor to set up mattresses and the like. You can then enjoy a large living-room on the ground floor. And feel unrestrained as the entrance corridor blends in and give extra-space.
The remaining open space can be used as an open kitchen in its own corner, while the closed room can be your new shower-room. These are of course ideas you’re free to adapt according to your own needs!

Solid above all

Another figure you have probably already considered when clicking on this item: the impressive wall thickness. 70 mm of pure Nordic spruce to shield you against wind, rain or snow. You can be sure this lodge is synonymous to a lasting top-quality, all year-round.
The shape of the roof will help you in it, taking the rainfall in and letting it flow down to the ground.
Inside you will then stand, among the warmth and the cosy, watching the elements unchain from the large double-glazed windows.

And if after considering this model, you feel like this isn’t quite the bungalow you’re looking for, make sure to have a look at all our range of fusion-styled houses.

Or maybe your garden could fall for another style? Rest assured, as you are given many different ones to choose from!

Still not convinced? Feel free to submit your idea to us! We’ll be more than happy to help you realise it, and liven up that special place on your land. For your own special lodge.


5,88 m x 5,81 m

Kogu pindala

~ 41 m²

Sisemine pindala

~ 33 m² + 20 m²

Seina paksus

70 mm

Seina kõrgus

2,35 m, 3,45 m

Katuseharja kõrgus

4,2 m


1 x klaaspaketiga liimpuidust 1-poolne uks ca 0,95 m x 1,98 m täisklaasiga, 1 x klaaspaketiga liimpuidust 3-osaline voldikuks ca 2,4 m x 1,98 m, 1 x liimpuidust siseuks ca 0,8 m x 1,98 m


1 x klaaspaketiga kald-pöörd avatav topeltaken ca 1,6 x 1,85 m, 1 x klaaspaketiga kinnine 2-osaline aken ca 0,8 x 3,2 m, 4 x klaaspaketiga kald-pöörd avatav aken ca 0,8 x 1,85 m, 4 x klaaspaketiga ülevalt avatav aken ca 1,2 x 0,4 m

Katuse pindala

~ 45 m²


50 mm


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